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Highly recommend= falafel wrap, mediterranean platter, eggplant sandwich, butternut squash soup, and the shrimp fajita.  

Being a native to Sonoma County I've been a longtime fan of East West Cafe- and for good reason, they never disappoint.  The food is fresh and full of flavor, and I have yet to experience an item on the menu that I do not like (this goes for all those who have accompanied me to meals over the years as well; in fact, I've taken visitors from outside the area to East West specifically because I think it's so awesome).

Malia C. - Larkspur, CA

Yum. yum. YUM!

Went for lunch a while ago here and then again last Friday and both times have been perfect. I ordered the Chicken Sandwich with Grilled Pineapple on Croissant  heaven...Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and a delicate swiss cheese with delectable sweet grilled pineapple.. Melts in your mouth!..The sandwich was out of this world...  It comes with Soup Salad or Fries and I got the fries...  THEY. WERE. AMAZING!!!!  Everything was perfect... Great service, great atmosphere... Even if you have to wait a few minutes to be seated, this place is totally worth it . The menu is OUTSTANDING... The falafel plate is delicious also... Highly recommend!!! Anyone wanna go to lunch tomorrow???

Burgundy G. - Tiburon, CA

Wonderful, wonderful!!  East West is my favorite restaurant. Always delicious food (every item I have ever tasted), great service, great atmosphere....always my first choice of restaurants.  Healthy food and ever so delicious! I highly recommend!

Sarah B. - Santa Rosa, CA

Fantastic place!
found it here on yelp a few days before we made our trip to Sonoma.
After a long day wine tasting, this place hit the spot!
We had the sampler platter, which was enough for the two of us, baba ganoush is everything I've always wanted! Beet spread stuff didn't really taste like much, but it was pretty. Hummus is super yummy!
but we also ordered the spinach quesadilla, which was really tasty as well! lots of fresh greens, yummy cheese, and some sauce that was oh so yum yum yum.

Price was right, if you are veggie and in Santa Rosa, this is a must stop.

Adrian M. - San Francisco, CA

Service was friendly and prompt, and the ambiance is just what you'd expect from a casual cafe to be. Most worth mentioning is their tasty selection of vegetarians dishes.
I took my family on a day trip in Sonoma and Marine. We are all vegetarians and from Mediterranean+middle eastern background. This place offers a fusion of both kitchens, together with American cafe menu. We all thought the food was uniquely delicious. The Falafel wrap was excellent, their split-pea soup had unique flavoring that made it delicious, the eggplant sandwich and vege-burger were great as well.
Great experience, worth getting in to Santa Rosa for this if you're hungry and traveling in the area.

Shay B. - San Mateo, CA

This is one of my favorite restaurants. I like it because they have a lot of choices for vegetarians and vegans. I come here a lot with my best friend and we have never had a bad experience here. Every meal I've had here is amazing and I can't wait to try new things I haven't had yet. My favorite is the falafel wrap added with tofu. The price is moderately expensive, but it's worth it for the quality of food you're receiving. The people are super friendly as well, and you get your food served quickly even when it's busy.

Monica K. - Santa Rosa, CA

I've been coming here since I was a little girl. It was the only place my mom knew of that would cater to my veggie diet so it kinda holds some weird sentimental thing for me, lol. Anyway, I always get the falafel and hummus because they're just always so delicious! I hadn't been here in awhile and I stop by last night with the boyfriend to get my falafel fix and was surprised to see the falafel is almost double the size I remember it being! The boyfriend got the chicken wrap and was super impressed with how flavorful it was. I'm sure we'll be back here again. Oh, and the staff is always really nice which is a plus.

Licia L. - Rohnert Park, CA

Great food. Great service. We used East West for a take out catering order for 30 people for our wedding rehearsal dinner and it was perfect. The food was fantastic. Everyone loved it (even the picky kids and teenagers). The quality was great, very healthy, and the price was super affordable. It worked great for the event and I highly recommend them!

K K. San Jose, CA

I feel better when I leave this restaurant versus any other restaurant in Sonoma County.  Very fresh fruits and vegetables, the ginger carrot soup was very good.  I recommend the falafel wrap.  Their sweet potato fries are great as well.  Service is friendly.  Food generally arrives in 15-20 minutes.  In close proximity to Howarth park and Annadel State Park, great place to stop after a hike.

Morgan M. - Santa Rosa, CA

I love this place. There's something for everyone in your group. Vegetarian dishes, organic beef burgers. I recommend the yummy spicy breakfasts here too. There's something for everyone on the menu at East West Cafe!

Hunter M. - Windsor, CA

East West Cafe in Santa Rosa has been a favorite of mine for years.  The help is friendly and helpful. Although I have eaten other dishes on the menu, the Felafel Platter is my favorite.   I can't eat eggplant so I always ask for a double helping of the Beet Delight instead of the Baba Ganoush and I have never had any problems with the order.  The Beet Delight is both gorgeous to look at and eat.

Marrie S. - Santa Rosa, CA

East West Cafe in Santa Rosa has been a favorite of mine for years.  The help is friendly and helpful. Although I have eaten other dishes on the menu, the Felafel Platter is my favorite.   I can't eat eggplant so I always ask for a double helping of the Beet Delight instead of the Baba Ganoush and I have never had any problems with the order.  The Beet Delight is both gorgeous to look at and eat.

Marnie S. - Santa Rosa, CA

Excellent food and service. We got seated right away, the food was unexpectedly good (didn't think it would be because its a super healthy restaurant). I had the Mediterranean omelet. They have sriracha hot sauce, perfect for the omelet. We sat next to the fireplace.

Diem T. - Rohnert Park, CA

This is easily my favorite place to eat in Santa Rosa. They have something on the menu for every one regardless of diet restrictions.  Only healthy ingredients are used so whenever I leave I feel good and fulfilled. The menu is more diverse then the name suggests, from falafel to burgers to salad. Customer service is usually spot on, price is reasonable, and your water glass is ALWAYS full.

Danielle C. - Middletown, CA

I love East West Cafe. It was my first regular restaurant when I moved to the area 4 years ago and it still is. The food is delicious and the presentation is beatuiful. Generous portions too!

The staff is always cheerful and friendly. I often see brothers, Newar and Mahn, the owners, in the kitchen preparing a new vegan, dairy free soup (the soups always are). It is obvious that they treat their staff well and they care greatly about their business. Whenever I have friends or family in town, I always take them to East West because I know its menu suits many tastes and we always leave full and happy.

Emma L. - Santa Rosa, CA

Been coming here since I was a little hippie in high school. This place is crazy awesome; fresh, delicious and conscious eating can be found here. This last visit I had the falafel wrap. I'm not kidding-it was heavenly! The falafel was crunchy on the outside and warm but moist and delicious inside. With the crisp and fresh veggies it is the perfect combination!! Seriously amazing.

Mandy L. - Santa Rosa, CA

Best HUMMUS I have ever had.. I am still craving it!  So creamy and delicious!  The vegi kabos with rice were delicious.  If I lived in the area I would be a regular at this restaurant.  The price point was also quite reasonable!

Stephanie S. Huntington Beach, CA

I have actually been to this East West Cafe so many times that the Waitress knew me. I love the food there, I usually stick to the Turkey burger since it's hands down the best one I've had, it's is a great alternative restaurant.  All the food is local and for the great quality you really can't beat the price.  

When I lived in Sonoma County I would go there about twice a month, while catching an independent film next door, great out-door setting right next to the park.  If you live in Sonoma County or are visting Santa Rosa Ca, this is definitely a must eat.

Joe C

Great food lots of Vegan options and it all taste great!

Sean G. - Santa Rosa, CA

Tasty Tasty Tasty!  I love this place and miss it much!  From their earth bouquet stir fry to their blue corn tortilla tacos to their falafel platter you just can't go wrong here.

East West is a pseudo-healthy-hippie-middle-eastern-fusion restaurant... did I get them all in?   Though it's hard to define in words, you'll know it's good when you taste it.  Breakfast here is good and plentiful too.  Fresh orange juice and something called china mist tea (where do I buy that stuff?!)  Fantastic-looking desserts and smashing baklava too.

Whether you live in the north bay or are just driving through don't miss East West - it's the Best.

Rashmi N. - San Francisco, CA

Outstanding vegetarian fare. Everything I have had here is tasty. Among my favorites are the falafel, the beet delight, and hummous. Their salads are spectacular as well. If you are ever in the area - this place delivers!

Scott M. - Santa Rosa, CA

We have been here many times and the food is always good, the service is always good and the seating is nice and comfortable.  Clean, parking is available, it is easy to get to and the food and beverage selection is just wonderful.  
-Lots and lots of options, very extensive menu.  Brunch happens to be our favorite and they serve it for very extended hours. -The servers are so attentive and your glass will never be half empty here.
-The soups are great and the wraps are great.
-Lots of veg options (vegan and vegetarian).  Salmon options and meat too.
-Desserts are pretty darn good too, if you have any room left, as the portion size is generous.

Angela C. - Santa Cruz, CA

Probably the best eatery I have found in Santa Rosa (so far)!  The falafel wrap is among the best I have ever had - fresh, moist falafel balls, great hummus, just about perfect.  Add some hot sauce, and you're rockin'!  The sweet potato fries are excellent too.  They have quite a few other vegan/vegetarian options, a nice patio out in front to soak in that Santa Rosa sun and great beer on the menu too.  Highly recommended.

Roy J. - San Francisco, CA

When I come home and visit Santa Rosa, my family and I eat here multiple times. Which is a good thing because East West is one of my all time favorite restaurants. The new location is awesome and huge, the servers are so sweet and wonderful, and the menu is huge and delicious!

Now if they would just ship some beet delite to Portland...

Eliz R. Portland, OR

Love love love!

This is my favorite brunch spot at the moment. They seriously have everything. My meal of choice to date is the mezza platter (which is best shared with another person). You can fill up and not feel grossed out. The restaurant is open and light. The view of the park across the way is a nice perk. Great stop if you're walking in Howarth Park or have plans to go to The Rialto.

Cath L. - Santa Rosa, CA

Not many places like this in the area. The best way I can describe East West is CLEAN. The food isn't heavy or greasy but light and fresh. Awesome vegetarian options. I love the Taco Plate. Fries are  yummy and the hummus is something to dream about. Pretty large dining area. Never had to wait longer than 4 minutes for a table even at dinner time. Burgers are a hit with

Amara S. Rhonert Park, CA

The food at East West is so fresh and flavorful. You will feel so good eating here. The Denver omelette is loaded with turkey bacon and is the best tasting breakfast I love to order. Have a latte' with breakfast. Lunch time is turkey burger time with sweet potatoe french fries. So deliciously fresh and yummy!

Jack & Kathy

I think there's an arc across the Valley of the Moon from Santa Rosa to Napa. The entire length of this arc is populated with good places to eat. East-West is probably not on the radar of most tourists but locals know about it.

This place makes vegetarian seem less of a fringe choice. They've got tons of choices that are great and have no animal parts. I had some outstanding Red Lentil Soup on my last visit. It was a soup I wouldn't have been likely to try somewhere else. Great sandwiches here! Good breakfast food! Very consistent high quality in service and food.

I thanked the kitchen staff on a recent visit. The servers have been consistently great. They tolerate changes or unusual orders. Excellent intellects and attitudes.

JC - Mountain View, CA


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East West Cafe in Santa Rosa has been a favorite of mine for years.  The help is friendly and helpful. Although I have eaten other dishes on the menu, the Felafel Platter is my favorite.   I can't eat eggplant so I always ask for a double helping of the Beet Delight instead of the Baba Ganoush and I have never had any problems with the order.  The Beet Delight is both gorgeous to look at and eat.

Marrie S. - Santa Rosa, CA

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