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About East West Restaurant - Santa Rosa

A favorite among locals and visitors alike, East West Restaurant has been prospering in Santa Rosa for over 30 years. This culinary heaven is best known for the creative menu developed by Chef Maen and includes a large variety of tasteful, fresh and local ingredients which embrace vegan and vegetarian options.

The idea of combining food styles from the Eastern and Western parts of the world came from two brothers: Nawar and Maen. They wanted to introduce their customers to the exotic flavors of the Mediterranean region. With their magic, they have been able to bridge the gap between the East and West cuisine.

Their menu continually evolves and consists of traditional dishes with recipes from their mother that have been passed on for generations. East West Restaurant brings a healthy and tasty Eastern twist to marvelous dishes. A diverse selection of vegetables and ingredients are offered in their dishes giving customers many unique options to choose from.

Their original menu has earned them recognition among customers and their peers, including a number of achievements.

East West Restaurant has gained the hearts and appetites of Sonoma County connoisseurs with their excellent food and friendly service. A number of customers have been regulars for over 20 years and have become part of the “East West family” bringing multiple generations to enjoy the food.

Establishing a great relationship with their staff has also been a key component to the success of the restaurant. Over half of the staff at East West has been working alongside the owners for over 15 years! They ensure customers satisfaction by not only being friendly but also paying attention to every detail. It is the place in Santa Rosa “where everybody knows your name”.

East West Restaurant is open to provide a sweet and savory experience 7 days a week.

Owner Nawar, when asked about his favorite aspect of the restaurant, answered “I love East West because it’s intimate, social and I have the opportunity to interact with the community. I see regulars who have been coming for 20 years, and I continue to see the new generations come through the doors. It is an amazing feeling”.



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I've been coming here since I was a little girl. It was the only place my mom knew of that would cater to my veggie diet so it kinda holds some weird sentimental thing for me, lol. Anyway, I always get the falafel and hummus because they're just always so delicious! I hadn't been here in awhile and I stop by last night with the boyfriend to get my falafel fix and was surprised to see the falafel is almost double the size I remember it being! The boyfriend got the chicken wrap and was super impressed with how flavorful it was. I'm sure we'll be back here again. Oh, and the staff is always really nice which is a plus.

Licia L. - Rohnert Park, CA

Santa Rosa Vegetarian Restaurant